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23 Mar 2020

I am now flying podcast solo, and have set up ‘The Well Teacher podcast.’ The latest episode with Adrian Bethune on how to keep calm, positive and motivated through everything that is going on is available here.

I thought that with our new sequestered existences, doing a collection with all the episodes that I did for Tes might be helpful. I was lucky to speak to amazing guests, who have undoubtedly made a real impact in how I approach all aspects of my teaching. Hopefully there will be something in this list that you might enjoy! If listening to podcast isn’t your thing, I have set up a Well Teacher Podcast reading list with lots of ideas of interesting reading.

‘Can Collaboration beat the workload crisis?’ . Becky Wood and Nikki Carlin are two of the most inspiring English teachers you can find. They set up and run Team English, an online account which now has almost thirty thousand followers. Their mission, which they explore in this episode, is to improve the ability of the English teachers to collaborate and learn from each other.

‘English Teachers Should Do Less Marking’ Educational research often threatens to overwhelm teachers. In this episode Robin Macpherson and Carl Hendrick, the authors of ‘What Does This Look Like in the Classroom?’ discuss what the research tells us about feedback, behaviour and many more aspects of our classroom practice.

‘Why are some children leaving school still unable to read?’  In this hard-hitting episode James and Dianne Murphy, authors of ‘Thinking Reading: what every secondary teacher needs to know about reading’ expose the myths of teaching reading. They discuss their own experience of transforming the teaching of reading in schools and what we should do more of.

‘Teacher Talk: Why we need to talk better, not less.’  Andy Tharby, experienced English teacher and author of ‘How to Explain Absolutely Anything to Absolutely Anyone: The art and science of teacher explanation,’ came on to expose some of the myths of teacher talk. He also provides practical and research informed ways in which we can sharpen our own communication in the classroom.

How Metacognition can help your students perform better Alex Quigley, author of Closing the Vocabulary Gap and senior associate at the Education Endowment Foundation, came on to provide guidance on two significant educational priorities of 2019. He provides listeners with clarity on what exactly metacognition is, and how it can supercharge learning in the classroom. Alongside this, he gives a range of practical strategies on how to improve our teaching of vocabulary.

GCSE English literature: how to help pupils achieve Jennifer Webb, an experienced English teacher, senior leader and author of How to Teach English Literature: overcoming cultural poverty, came on to guide teachers on how to move forward with their Literature teaching. Ranging from novel teaching to structuring academic essays, she leaves no Literature stone unturned!

‘How to boost boys at GCSE? Ditch ‘boy-friendly’ approaches’ How to improve engagement and motivation of male students has been an English teachers’ headache for many years. Matt Pinkett and Mark Roberts, authors of Boys Don’t Try? Rethinking Masculinity in Schools, provide over an hour of research informed guidance on how to prevent the cycle of male underperformance in this interview.

‘How to improve teaching of writing’ Chris Curtis, experienced head of English and author of How To Teach: English: Novels, non-fiction and their artful navigation was a perfect guest to conclude the first series. In this episode he provides fascinating guidance on how to improve all aspects of our students’ writing: from developing their ability to proof read carefully, to simplifying and improving their essay writing style.

‘The Secret of great teaching? Keep it simple’ Jo Facer, who is just about to start her first headship and is the author of ‘Simplicity Rules’ , shares in this podcast a range of practical ways in which all teachers can simplify what they do in the classroom. The result: calmer and more productive teachers!

Thanks for reading and listening, I hope you enjoy them!


Jamie Thom

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