I an an English teacher from Scotland in my thirties. I initially taught in a large comprehensive in central London and I was lucky in those fledging years to be promoted to an Assistant Headteacher role. Despite clearly being very inexperienced I learnt a huge amount: about the nature of leadership; working alongside teachers and how to manage responsibility. While stumbling through those years I did feel that I had not yet “earned my stripes,” and gained enough experience to cope with the stress and authenticity required of leadership.

I am now in a full timetable teaching role and completing a part time Masters in Educational Leadership, working in Cramlington Learning Village, an excellent comprehensive in the North East.

The purpose of this website is to provide a space to pause, reflect and think about teaching the subject of English and teaching and learning in general. I hope that it will be useful to others and help to emphasise that the treadmill approach to teaching can only lead to disillusionment and burn out. Slowing down both professionally and privately, can help to remind us of the many joys of both life and teaching.

Thank you for reading, please email me with any thoughts you have.