How can reflection improve our wellbeing and teaching?

23 May 2020

What if there was a way to take back control and ownership of our wellbeing as teachers? What if we could pause from the busy world of teaching, slow down and take deliberate steps to become more effective and efficient?

Dr Lucy Kelly, who is a senior lecture in education at Bristol University, has been wrestling with these questions and has been conducting some exciting research into the potential of reflection for teachers.

In this episode of ‘The Well Teacher podcast’ we explore the exciting potential of her research on diary writing for teacher wellbeing. We examine the benefits of building a reflection habit, and how her new diary toolkit can help in finding the ways that work for individuals. How to overcome stumbling blocks in building a reflection habit is another area we explore, alongside how reflection can really support teachers in the current situation.

Lucy is on Twitter at @drlucykelly, and you can read about her research in the latest Chartered College of Teaching ‘Impact’ magazine.



Jamie Thom

English teacher, host of @TES English teaching podcast. Author of 'Slow Teaching.' MEd in Practitioner Enquiry, doctorate student #StrathEdD. Runner.

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