How to thrive in the first five years of teaching

27 Apr 2020


There is no denying that the first few years of a teacher’s career are hugely challenging: the retention statistics in the UK speak for themselves.

Last year I completed an educational masters, and the dissertation looked at ways to improve the experience of teachers in their first five years. I interviewed a wide range of teachers for this, and one of the things that resonated was teachers feeling overwhelmed with expectations and struggling to create a meaningful work life balance. You can read about the findings here.

That is why this interview with Head of English Adam Riches is so important. Adam’s new book is written specifically for teachers in the first five years of their career. ‘Teach Smarter’ is packed full of practical guidance on how teachers can thrive in their first five years, and just how they should spend their precious time.

In our conversation, we discuss the research that teachers should prioritise at the start of their careers, how to become more efficient in planning, what feedback should really explore, and how to become a more reflective and confident teacher.

I hope you enjoy the episode, and it helps you to embrace the smarter teaching approach!


Jamie Thom

English teacher, host of @TES English teaching podcast. Author of 'Slow Teaching.' MEd in Practitioner Enquiry, doctorate student #StrathEdD. Runner.

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