Lockdown CPD: Mark Enser on ‘Making Every Lesson Count’

03 Apr 2020


This is the first of a series of interviews on ‘The Well Teacher podcast’ called ‘Lockdown CPD.’ It will explore with teachers the piece of research or book that has had the most impact on their teaching practice. Each interview will look at the practical implications of that learning in their classroom: what has changed, what has improved as a result of the reading they have engaged with?

Mark Enser, Geography teacher, author of two superb books and TES contributor makes a brilliant first contributor. He talks about the impact of one of his favourite books about education, the superb ‘Making Every Lesson Count’ has had on his teaching. He breaks down how it has changed his approach to challenge in the classroom, and how he now puts modelling at the core of what happens in his classroom.

Mark also shares some brilliant other reading tips, and a fascinating guide on how to start a effective teaching and learning blog and write a book on education. He also walks us through some of the aims of his brilliant book Teach Like Nobody’s watching’ – including a clear strategy for how to develop your curriculum through sequencing and, at the close of the interview, he shares with us how schools can help teachers become expert teachers.

As always this podcast is to raise funds for Vintage Vibes and Health in Mind, two superb Edinburgh charities. If you would like to donate, please visit this page. 

I will be taking a fortnight break now but have a range of brilliant interviews lined up for after the Easter break. Until then there are six brilliant interviews available now on ‘The Well Teacher Podcast’, ranging from how to manage anxiety, to starting a running habit, to growing and improving as a teacher.

Thank you for listening; I hope you stay safe and well over Easter.


Jamie Thom

English teacher, host of @TES English teaching podcast. Author of 'Slow Teaching.' MEd in Practitioner Enquiry, doctorate student #StrathEdD. Runner.

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