Podcast: The Well Teacher – Kat Howard

15 Mar 2020

Challenging the narrative of teacher wellbeing.

Kat Howard @SayMiss is a woman on a mission: to stop the patronising wellbeing advice often offered to teachers, and instead have a real intellectual dialogue about what we can about teachers being driven out of the profession.

Kat, a deputy headteacher and an English teacher is the first guest on ‘The Well Teacher podcast.’  She is the author of the brilliant ‘Stop Talking about Wellbeing’, which aims to challenge the narrative on teacher wellbeing and provide guidance on how schools can improve workload for teachers.

In this episode she outlines her vision for improving wellbeing in schools, one that is utterly pragmatic and based on placing teachers first.

In the episode, we discuss how collaboration should be at the heart of what happens in school, and ways to build a more collaborative school community. We look at what leaders should be doing to streamline life for teachers, and help them to achieve more of a balance. We then unpick what this means on an individual level, what should teachers be doing to make sure that they can find both purpose and development in their work? Finally, we discuss how to build relationships based on trust and empathy in the complex interpersonal world of a modern school.

Fundraising Podcast

This podcast has been set up to raise funding and awareness for two brilliant charities that I volunteer with: Vintage Vibes and Health in Mind. If you would like to support the work of the podcast (and my marathon running attempts!) and donate to the charities, I would be hugely grateful. You can donate to Vintage Vibes here, or Health in Mind here.

A huge thank you to John Catt Educational, the publishers of Kat’s superb book, who have donated one hundred pounds – which will be split between the two charities.

Thank you for listening – go well!


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